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Blue Bubbles Breakfast Steeles Auto New Suzuki Vitara Launch Bucket vs Cooler  Invictus A Night of Love & Consciousness
01.01.16 18.02.16 30.04.16 06.05.16

'Uncorked' Beer & Wine Fest Shortleg Bithday Bash  GLOW Girls Invasion  Women's Soca Monarch Preeday Gallery 1
15.05.16 28.05.16 04.06.16 03.08.16 04.08.16

Preeday Gallery 2 Xtreme White Gallery 1 Xtreme White Gallery 2 WG Promotions 'Elevate II'  Ah December to Remember 
04.08.16 06.08.16 06.08.16 29.10.16  23.12.16

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